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  • Adult Rotational
  • Djibouti
  • This position has been filled

Branch of Service: Army

Assignment Type: Adult Rotational

Assignment Duration: 03/07/2020 – 08/14/2020

Special Note: Hardship Pay Allowance: this assignment is eligible for hardship pay with government approval. Eligibility is based on completion of 120 days or more on assignment.

Because of the physically and emotionally strenuous nature of this location, the government has developed a list of requirements that must be completed before an MFLC can deploy on assignment. These requirements include (but are not limited to):

  • a health examination (including dental),
  • various immunizations and trainings (such as safety training).

Please carefully read the attachment that outlines in more detail the requirements for this assignment:  Requirements_Document_Djibouti

By applying for this assignment, you are attesting that you:

  • feel you are physically and emotionally able and willing to support an assignment at this location
  • are willing to get a medical evaluation and have your physician complete a Medical Examination form
  • are able and willing to complete an assignment that is six months in length
  • understand that you will be required to complete the SERE training and Anti-terrorism training
  • understand that you will be living in tents or a CLU and have little personal space
  • understand you will not be able to travel off base in the evenings or weekends due to security issues
  • understand you will have to use one of the latrines located on base
  • Are able and willing to complete all of the required medical evaluation tests, administered by a medical professional, provide documentation these test have been completed and immunizations and complete by required timeframes? (timeframes will be provided after accepting the assignment)

  • Passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the assignment end date.
  • A REAL ID or acceptable alternative will be required as of 10/01/2020. For information regarding how to obtain a REAL ID, please contact your state’s department of motor vehicles division.
  • Must be in possession of a valid International driver’s license (please note most International drivers licenses are issued for one year length of time).
  • All EU and Asia Pacific consultants must be able to drive manual transmission vehicles. The OCONUS rental car agencies offer mostly manual transmission car rentals; limited automatic transmission car rental availability.
  • All adult assignments require a CNACI, NACI or Secret Clearance prior to the start of the assignment.