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OCONUS International Assignment Openings

To be considered for an OCONUS International assignment opening, you must meet ALL the following qualifications:

  • Passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the assignment end date.
  • Be in possession of a valid International driver’s license (please note most International drivers licenses are issued for one year length of time).
  • Not currently scheduled for another assignment during the same time frame as a selected assignment.
  • OSD-required LMS should be reviewed to ensure you are in compliance at assignment start.
  • Approved for the assignment service type (e.g., Embedded, CYB, DoDEA Schools).
  • For school assignments, willing and available to work for the entire assignment length including school breaks, if needed. You understand if the POC does not request your services during the school recesses/breaks, the assignment is recessed during this period on an unpaid status.

Additional OCONUS location-specific information:

All EU and Asia Pacific consultants must be able to drive manual transmission vehicles. The OCONUS rental car agencies offer mostly manual transmission car rentals; limited automatic transmission car rental availability.

All Japan and UK assignments require that you have level of comfort driving on the left side of the road.

All Korea assignments require that counselors meeting “proof of residency”¬†reside in the US in order to be considered. If you are interested in a Korea assignment, you will be sent a separate survey to assess your qualifications.

Important Tax Considerations

Please be sure to carefully review the Tax Home Clarification and FAQ for Special Professional Associates posted on the home page of
The document is provided to help you understand the taxation process when working out of the country with and without SOFA status.