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USA-Based Assignment Openings

To be considered for a USA-based assignment opening, you must meet each of the following qualifications.

Please note that additional, assignment-specific requirements will be listed with the individual assignment description on the job board:

  • LOCAL STATE LICENSURE FOR ALL USA-BASED LOCATIONS. Please only select an installation in a state where you are currently licensed to practice independently.
  • Unless otherwise stated, you must be local or able to make yourself local to the assignment location.  ‘Local’ implies there is NO lodging support/per diem/car/air fare.
  • Please ensure you are Not currently scheduled for another assignment during the same time frame as the selected assignment.
  • OSD-required training must be complete prior to the start of the assignment.
  • Before indicating availability, please ensure you are approved for the assignment service type (e.g., Embedded, CYB, DODEA schools)